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Anubhaa Sharma’s Virtual Yoga, Reiki and Meditation techniques utilizes the power of the mind to attract all that we need and all that is essential in our lives. These techniques strengthen our thoughts and our minds’ visualizing capabilities to tap from the universal storehouse, energies that will manifest in our lives to help us to live in the world and also to evolve. ...


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• Anubhaa Sharma Launches her book on Reiki

Anubhaa Sharma Book on Reiki Released a’s book on Reiki released. Click the link to find more.

• Reiki in Bahrain

Reiki: the ultimate spiritual detox or a laughable hoax? Murray Garrard checks in with one of Bahrain’s foremost practitioners Anubhaa Sharma

• Anubhaa Sharma on Timeout Bahrain Magazine

Read out about Anubhaa Sharma on Timeout Bahrain Magazine :

Anubhaa Sharma’s Article on
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